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Parkett No. 68 Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Franz Ackermann, Dan Graham (Paperback)

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John Bock
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Presenting unique and in-depth collaborations and editions with leading international artists, Parkett #67 features John Bock (Germany), Peter Doig (Great Britain) and Fred Tomaselli (United States of America). John Bocks hypnotic and clownish lectures--his signature artistic medium--mix language, social theory, dramatic elements, history and fairy tales, among other things. He performs on stage-like structures made from household furniture and multi-level wooden platforms while constructing handmade sculptures out of clothing, household appliances and other common materials. Contributing writers on Bock are independent curator Jens Hoffmann, Daniel Birnbaum, director of Portikus in Frankfurt, and art critic Jan Avgikos. Peter Doigs paintings are at once romantic and nostalgic. With a vaguely impressionistic veil, he turns representational imagery taken from photographs into dream-like abstractions. For Doig authors include art historian Paul Bonaventura, former artistic director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rudi Fuchs and Kunsthalle Zurich director Beatrix Ruf. Fred Tomaselli makes paintings that incorporate resin, photo-collage, pills, hallucinogenic plants and medicinal herbs in abstract compositions, figurative scenes and fictive landscapes. His multi-layered works (literally and metaphorically) map out the tension between control and chaos: civilization and nature, nature and culture. Dan Cameron, curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and curator of the next Istanbul Biennial, writes on Tomaselli, as well as writer Daniel Pinchbeck and Art Institute of Chicago curator James Rondeau. Also in this issue are Sibylle Omlin on Hanne Darboven, Troy Selvaratnam on Simon Starling, Hartmut Bohme on Wang Du, an insert by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama and a new spine designed by Fiona Banner.~Parkett #68 will feature collaborations by Finnish artist and filmmaker Eija-Liisa Ahtila, German painter Franz Ackermann and the American Conceptualist Dan Graham.