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Medication Safety Officer's Handbook (Paperback)

Connie M. Larson
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The medication safety officer's arena is fascinating, challenging, and ever-evolving. Whether you are new to medication safety or an experienced Medication Safety Officer (MSO), this guide will be an invaluable resource. The Medication Safety Officer's Handbook offers expert guidance in every area of your work, from setting up safety systems to dealing with personnel problems, along with sample forms, checklists, and other job tools. You will learn not only strategies for making changes, but also systems for error reporting and analysis and guidance on managing adverse outcomes. Written by experts for pharmacists and nurses who oversee medication safety, it is the essential reference for all MSOs. Get the answers you want at your fingertips, on questions such as: * What are all the responsibilities of an MSO? * How do I prioritize? * With no formal authority, how do I make changes? * How do I design a template for a modified root cause analysis? * What should be included in a medication safety orientation for staff? * Where is the most trustworthy information on a particular safety topic? With this how-to guide, you can find detailed information for all areas of medication safety, from automated dispensing cabinet override criteria to examples of a Sentinel Event alert gap analysis. With the Medications Safety Officer's Handbook by your side, you are never at a loss for answers.