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H2 Water 4 Life: The Simplest Solution for Optimum Health: Hydrogen Water Therapy (Full Color) (Paperback)

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C M H a Steven Clarke
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Humans have survived for as many as 90 days without food. But we can live only seventy-two hours without water before going into a semi-comatose state. However, drinking water saturated with inorganic minerals such as magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and other elements our bodies cannot use, may lead to a variety of unhealthy conditions and diseases. These inorganic minerals, toxic chemicals, fluoride and other contaminants can pollute, clog up and even turn our tissues into stone, causing pain, illness and even premature death. H2 Water, nature's healing water, may help remove inorganic mineral deposits and toxins from our joints, may remove cholesterol and fat, and create a pH balance in our body. This book unlocks the mysteries of H2 Water, which can often relieve chronic suffering. Using the miracle of H2 Water Ther-apy can now help us live healthier, happier and longer lives. - Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D.We are very fortunate to be alive during a global movement towards hydrogen water therapy and enjoy its abundance of health benefits. Hydrogen was present at the dawn of time. It is the father of all known elements in our universe. It is the most abundant gas in our galaxy. Earth could not sustain life without it because 71 Percent of our planet's surface is covered in water (2 Hydrogen Atoms + 1 Oxygen Atom = H2O). Our human body is a "bag of H2O." For centuries, science-minded people have focused on the "O" part of H2O and either minimized or have never considered possible health benefits of the "H2" in H2O. There are millions of hydrogen atoms in every glass of water! This raises two fascinating questions. First, how can the 2 hydrogen atoms connected to the 1 oxygen atom in H2O be separated from the water molecules? Second, how can we get these millions of liberated single hydrogen atoms to pair with each other and form a very safe, emerging medical gas, H2, ... and, again, get this medical gas safely infused into a glass of water? So, in this book, we have the privilege of introducing you to what may be the greatest discovery in medical-science and health-care since 1953! - Steven Clarke, C.M.H.A.