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Biblical Antidote: The Battle in My Mind (Paperback)

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Caption My principal of study was manufacturing. My faith is Christianity. I fell from grace. Jesus spoke to me, so I do faith and commandments. No longer do I have existential anxiety. I accept the loss of existence. I dwell in Holy Jerusalem amongst my people. I AM is transparent. Summary Michael in a long line-up to come, would have been ashamed if his false image of himself were found out by others. He was losing ground and feared seeing the handwriting on the wall. This led to mental illness called schizophrenia. "Michael Angelo Castor Jr in a long line up to come." He of authors writes of his mental illness experience using I. This to set him as the antagonist to poke the reader to distasteful writing and a put down of the book. Yet the all encompassing book details the ends of trials and tribulations with God to go along with his website. This book offers the biblical antidotes the ancient medicine most fondly, to me as ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Israel. They didn't have medications to walk away from it all, but those men and women used something called faith and commandments and may have tapped into the living God.